About Us

For a man full of love

Patrick Iyere Foundation is set up in memory of Patrick Oriabure Iyere (1968 – 2010) who lost a gallant battle to a heart disease but not without making notable impact in people’s lives, it is that impact that we hope to carry on.

For those who know Patrick well, he had a desire (passion) for helping people, he loved willingly, he gave generously and he served loyally. Patrick had no biases and he was known to reach out to all and dearly loved by all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a society where people are empowered to have the basic things of life (Health, Education and Housing).

Our Mission

To provide the tool and opportunities through information, training. sponsorship and linkages to further support.

Core Objectives

To facilitate and provide sponsorship support for gifted students lacking the financial means to achieve further education.

To facilitate skills training and apprenticeship to young people in the local community to empower them for self-sufficiency.

To create awareness about cardiovascular diseases and share information and resources that is empowering.

To facilitate support for treatment and care of cardiovascular health patients.

To provide emotional and physical support for family careers and others that may be impacted or affected.